Tres Muchachos Musicos having Tea in the Factory

Tres Muchachos Musicos having Tea in the Factory

15 January 2019 0 By Ljuba

Have you seen the January’s musical programme at the “Tea in the Factory” (also known as Tea House)? You are better if you haven’t. Otherwise, you’d wish you were there every night, you’d want you lived there, and you’d be tempted to even slept there. At least I had this desire. 😊

Why so? Every single day there is excellent jazz at the Tea House in January, and I do all my best to be there at least once or twice a week. It’s tremendously difficult to choose whom to listen – I’d like to attend all the concerts.

However, there are some 20 or a little bit more names of Bulgarian jazz musicians, whose concerts it’s painful to miss, although it often happens for one or another reason. The Tea House is hosting many of them this month. (See the programme below)

Last week I picked the Tres Muchachos concert with Mihail Yosifov (trumpet), Dimiter Karamfilov (bass) and Peter Georgiev who’s famous as “The Guitar”. Tres Muchachos is Peter’s project with some compositions written by himself. I always appreciate when there are funny stories related to the tunes performed by the musicians. Peter shared with us several of this kind from his adventure trip to Latin America. Inspired by the fantastic sceneries, he composed beautiful themes and some of them the three musicians played for us with pleasure and joy that they conveyed to all of us.

It’s always worth, and you should never expect a bad surprise when you listen to Mihail Yosifov and Dimiter Karamfilov. However, the Tres Muchachos Musicos trio yet I hadn’t heard before, and I was delighted by the perfect coordination and harmony between the three musicians.

Below I share with you the remaining January concerts at the Tea House with those at which I’d love to attend in bold – almost all of them practically.

Goodbye and see you soon!

15.01 (Tuesday), 19:00h. – Acoustic Evening
Concert of the young singers of the pop and jazz singing class of Lili Ilieva at the Lyubomir Pipkov Music School

16.01 (Wednesday), 20:00h. – JAZZ ON WEDNESDAY:
Peter Momchev – saxophones,
Toma Markov – poet,
Alexander Logozarov – guitar,
Misho Ivanov – bass,
Vasil Vutev – drums

18.01 (Friday), 20:00h. – The Tea Pot Whistlers
Pavel Terziiski – vocal,
Alexander Logozarov – guitar,
Vasil Hadzhigrudev – double bass

19.01. (Saturday), 20:00h. – Lesson # 1
Georgi Donchev – double bass,
Rosen Zahariev – trumpet

23.01 (Wednesday), 20:00h. – JAZZ IN WEDNESDAY: Chasing Coltrane
Petar Momchev – saxophones,
Milen Kokusharov – piano,
Vasil Hadzhigrudev – bass,
Borislav Petrov – drums

25.01 (Friday), 20:00h. – Desy & The Shiny Stockings
Desislava Andonova – vocal,
Petar Georgiev – guitar,
Dimitar Karamfilov – double bass

26.01. (Saturday), 20:00h. – Duo Guitars
Dimitar Blagoev and Alexander Kumanov

30.01 (Wednesday), 20:00h. JAZZ ON WEDNESDAY: Dixie-Mixi
Petar Momchev – saxophones,
Vili Stoyanov – trombone,
Alexander Kumanov – guitar,
Dimitar Karamfilov – bass,
Stefan Goranov – drums