About Blog


This blog is a surprise also for me. 😊

Yes, the last 23 years of my life were professionally related to new cars and mainly to one of the brands of the world’s biggest automotive producer until ten years ago. It was cool, I loved the job, contributed a lot, and obtained priceless experience and knowledge. However, I realised that from the distance of the time, some of my strongest memories of my longlasting close contact with the cars were the cases when I provided the transportation of wonderful world recognised jazz musicians during their tours and concerts in Bulgaria. Because of the cars, I met some of the best Bulgarian jazz musicians, with whom I am still in contact and intend to present here in this blog.

Another activity from my former professional life, which maintained the degree of my enthusiasm particularly high, was the organisation of tennis tournaments for amateurs and veterans. I also sincerely envied the competitive car brands who sponsored the WTA and АТР championships that have been taking place in the country.

I am often asked why I don’t start writing about cars. First of all, I think that there are enough texts on this subject. Second, I don’t exclude the possibility to add this topic to my blog one day. Till then I intend to be sharing here my thoughts, feelings and revelations in the two fields that have always been my unfailing support, value and joy every day – the jazz music and tennis.

I hope you can join me in these soul voyages!